You can get WhatsApp full version for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store. It is an app made for Windows 10 PCs and it can be downloaded and installed on the desktop without breaking a sweat.

Since it can be used on your desktop, you can sync the chats that you have onto your PC and you can chat from any device that you’d prefer to use. The only problem with the desktop version is the lack of video calls.

This is called WhatsApp Web, which is mainly focused on syncing messages in between the app you can find on your desktop or smartphone. Therefore, you will be able to continue with your conversations or start using new ones that are found on your computer running Windows 10.

The Microsoft Store is where you can download WhatsApp for Windows 10. After downloading, you have to install it to be able to display the QR code on your screen as you open it. It is required to sync your computer and your mobile device before you are able to run the app on your PC.

You can use your smartphone to launch the app but make sure that you are connected online. Tap the Settings from whatever device you are using when you open WhatsApp. You also need to tap the WhatsApp Web option to open the QR code scanner.

To confirm the scan, you need to click “Okay Got It” or a button similar to it when the QR code will be displayed on your Windows 10 desktop computer. WhatsApp has been testing some versions from the Microsoft Store with notifications support and live tiles on the PC running Windows 10.

WhatsApp now also has Windows 10 exclusive features, which keeps you in touch with your contacts even without unlocking your mobile phone. In fact, it is better than expected as it has no changes compared to WhatsApp Web.

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