Minecraft: Pocket Edition players can rejoice because there’s a new app version available that will also benefit Android 2.3 device users as well.

The PE version plays similar to the one on the PC, but better because it can actually be played on a mobile device. You still get all the benefits of the PC game as you’d see on the PC game. The latest update comes as close to the PC game version as never seen before. When looking for the APK file, be sure you download the most recent one to your Android tablet or smartphone.

Be aware that the Minecraft: Pocket Edition version you get will depend on the Android device you’ll be installing it to. This means you may have to get a lower version of the game to operate on your Android device. Still, if you have the latest phone model, you can download the latest Minecraft: PE version.

If you love the PC game of Minecraft and own an Android tablet or smartphone, you need to download and install the latest Minecraft: PE game to your device. It’s got many of the same features you enjoy with the PC game. Of course, to ensure you get the best experience possible, you want the latest version on your device – be it computer or mobile device.

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