Owing to its being flexible, convenient and secure, WhatsApp remains one of the go-to apps for messaging friends and family. It’s also free to use with no subscription fees to worry about.

Another good news is WhatsApp APK official version download is upon us. Find out what this APK can do for you.


WhatsApp APK Official Version Download

WhatsApp has an official website where you can download the type of executable file to run on your device or computer. However, if you want to use features that are not exactly in the official release, some dubbed as Beta, you can opt for APKs.

As of this writing, the latest WhatsApp APK download is version 2.18.129. It requires at least Android 4.0.3. The winning features of this newest APK are primarily:

  1. Group descriptions. In each group chat, you can add something about what this group is about, its topic, cause, etc. The group description appears in the invite link so anyone invited to the group chat can easily know what it’s about.
  2. Group participants. Aside from the description, it’s easier to scroll down through the list of participants in a group chat.
  3. Voice and video calls switch. To switch from a voice call to that of a video call, you only need to tap the video button.

If your software is earlier than Android 4.0.3, you can opt for older versions of WhatsApp APK. The important thing is for you to check your software information before downloading.


WhatsApp Updates

WhatsApp has already warned subscribers about a scam that asks subscribers to click on a link to purchase a lifetime subscription for 0.99 GBP.  Don’t click on the link. As it stands, WhatsApp remains a free app with applicable standard charges on SMS and mobile data.

Just to be on the safe side, use derivatives of WhatsApp with caution as you might be banned from using WhatsApp.

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