Being one of the leading messaging apps in both mobile and PC, WhatsApp continues to provide quality messaging experience among its users all over the world. With features that are at par with the best standards of communication software, there’s no reason why this well-loved application will fail to cater and deliver the best for their loyal users.

WhatsApp Download for Samsung

For users who want to get WhatsApp’s download for Samsung this April 2018, it’s important to understand the standard minimum requirements needed in order for the application to work. According to their official website, the app’s latest version still requires devices that run on Android OS 2.3.3 and above. That means any Samsung device is compatible with the app’s latest version as long as it runs on the needed Android OS.

Users with older Samsung devices need not worry about not being able to install the application on their phones because it depends on what its current Android operating system is and not on the device or model itself. The only specific devices that WhatsApp decided to discontinue their services or compatibility from are the Nokia Symbian S60 and S40, as well as the Blackberry 10 and Blackberry OS.

What’s New and What’s Up with WhatsApp?

From its latest update, WhatsApp has welcomed a few new features that users might find helpful. For one, group chats can now put a description to the group and will be visible not only to the group members but also when someone receives an invite to the group. Other than that, can now switch between video and voice calls with just a tap of a button.

All in all, WhatsApp is readily available for different kinds of platforms. Whether you’re using Android, iOS, or Windows, there’s always a well-crafted WhatsApp software available for you. For WhatsApp download for Samsung users, the application promises to deliver the same level of high-quality messaging among its users.

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