Earlier this year, we wrote whispers that Electronic Arts (EA) and Maxis was gearing up for the release of the latest Sims version. That particular blog post touched on features that fans want to add or bring back.

An Open World

One feature that Sims players want both the developer and publisher to bring back is open world exploration. Prior to the release of Sims 4, people who played the game had the option to explore neighborhoods. They could go as far as spy on the couple next door or even borrow a bag of sugar. However, this feature was removed with the release of Sims 4 about three years ago. This being a life-simulation game, it only made sense for players to be able to feel that they are part of a bigger community so hopefully, that’s something Maxis will consider.

Other Must-Have Features

In addition to bringing back open world exploration, fans also want to see the following:

Cars and more

Players apparently want to bring back the variety of transport options that they enjoyed in The Sims 3. This particular version allowed a player to get around town on a bike or a cab. The third installment of this game franchise was particularly loved because it allowed such little touches of real life.

The seasons that matter

The changing seasons are very much part of real life. So naturally, a game based on real life should have all four – winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Final Thoughts

Fans of the franchise have observed that EA would release a base game with enough features to keep people occupied. But they’d save the good stuff for release as expansions and stuff packs. Let’s hope that The Sims 5 will come packed with these anticipated goodies so players can have the full experience.

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