It seems that Android fans are in for a major shock. Google seems to prefer Chrome OS over Android and this is visible after it killed the Pixel C Android tablet. Also, Samsung’s net Chromebook is a 2-in-1. It seems that Google has finally made up its mind and decided which operating system will be further developed in the future.

Chrome OS to be the future of affordable tablets and laptops

Google introduced Android apps on Chrome OS and some people are very happy about it. Last year it would have been difficult to predict the rapid growth of Chrome OS.

Google Pixelbook is a desired tablet due to its rapidness of response, much life Apple’s iPad. Android apps run smooth on Chromebooks and thanks to the newest update, Chrome OS beta 64, apps run in parallel. This is perfect for those who multitask and it brings the tablet a step closer to replacing PC. This means Chrome OS is now ready to compete against Linux, Windows or macOS.

Last month, Samsung announced that its next Chromebook will be a 2-in-1, and thanks to Google’s idea of creating a fusion between Chrome and Android operating systems, a new rival to compete against iPads has been created.

Last year was not a good year for tablets

With so many smartphone options of different sizes and potentials, the tablet market recorded low sales last year. The Android tablets were more affected than Apple and the measures had to be taken. Creating a better operating system could help improve tablet sales.

Chrome OS

This operation system was released for the first time in 2011 and the first laptop running Chrome OS was named Chromebook.

For a while many accused Google of not deciding between its two operating systems: Android and Chrome OS. It seems now a decision has been made.

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