If you enjoy having the ability to place audio or video calls without needing a good mobile plan, then Skype is the perfect app for you. Skype is the world’s leading app when it comes to communication and that’s because it provides users with features such as video or audio calling, texting and file sharing.

Skype is also on a never-ending journey of improving itself. What we mean by this is that Skype is under a constant barrage of updates which improve its already fast performances and overall stability. In fact, there’s a special version of the app called Skype Preview which provides users with access to the latest features ahead of everyone else.

Skype Preview APK Download

The latest version of Skype Preview is and the APK edition of the update is available for download. Since this update is an APK, we need to let everyone know that its exclusive to owners of Android powered smartphones.

Moreover, the update weighs in at 31.71MB and it requires a minimum of Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system in order to run. Furthermore, the update’s changelog says that this new APK adds a new feature and a couple of software optimization changes which bring Skype Preview’s performance to the next level.

New Feature

Skype Preview fans should be happy to know that from now on, they will be able to manage multiple Skype calls at the same time. Therefore, they can get in group calls with their friends and switch to other conversations whenever they want.

Software Optimization

The most important change that this update brings is to the app’s software. The developers who are in charge of Skype Preview added some under the hood performance tweaks which enhance the app’s performance. Moreover, the update also makes the app more reliable because it contains a handful of bugs.

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