A lot of people might have used WhatsApp free calling app on their mobile devices. If you are one of them, here are a few updates that you might want to know before the New Year 2018 comes.

Some phones will no longer be supported by the app when the New Year comes. In fact, it will bring an alarm to users of these mobile devices. According to WhatsApp executives, they are looking ahead of the iOS and Android platforms. Thus, they would focus more on the majority of devices that people use.

Why It Became The Most Popular Messaging App

With more and more features added to WhatsApp since 2009, it has become the most famous messaging app around the world. Such would include video calling and end-to-end encryption. It also provides cross-platform support, but older phones are not compatible with the technological advances. This can only present security risk, according to WhatsApp executives.

Mobile Devices No Longer Supported

For BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry OS or BlackBerry 10 will not be able to use WhatsApp in 2018. Although BlackBerry has recently shifted to Android in 2017, older mobile devices still use its in-house software.

In addition, phones running Microsoft’s Windows 8.0 or older will not be supported as well. A number of Nokia phones will be among these devices that are now running the Windows platform. In fact, Microsoft has admitted that it lacks support from WhatsApp due to its inferior mobile operating system.

Other phones are also not supported with the latest WhatsApp version, including Nokia Symbian S60 and the Nokia S40 which are due to stop running by the end of the year 2017. The list goes on as the unsupported Android versions will then include 2.3.7 and older by February 1, 2020.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

In 2016, app users hit the 1 billion mark. This was due mainly to the introduction of cross-platform compatibility, which enables download for iPhone, Android, as well as other smartphones. Moreover, it allows you to cut on mobile phone plan rather than your data. Calling someone via WhatsApp should be free provided you have an Internet connection.


Among the new features rolled out in 2017 is the picture-in-picture viewing support within the app. Users can minimize the video call window while on video call. They can also move it around the screen to accommodate browsing other messages at the background.

Live Location

In addition, Live Location is a new feature included in 2017. This allows users to share location in real-time with family and friends. Moreover, users will be able to choose how long they would want to be tracked. This feature works on group or individual chats.

WhatsApp Payment

Although this feature is still under construction, the beta versions show promising results. Soon to come out is the WhatsApp Payment, which users can use a separate Payments section. Thus, users need to accept the WhatsApp Payments, Privacy Policy and Bank Terms before they can use the service.

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