Many people might be using social media messaging apps, but not all of them are aware about security features. That’s why WhatsApp is confident enough to inform you that security and privacy are one of their priorities.

Since the day WhatsApp was built, the main focus was to help people keep in touch with family and friends, share vital information, reconnect with distant families, and find a better way of life. That is why security is very important for the users.

In the latest version of WhatsApp, the developers were able to include end-to-end encryption. This makes documents, messages, photos, voice messages, videos, and calls secured, which shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Basically, messaging apps only enable encryption between you and them. In contrast, the end-to-end encryption would ensure that only the person you are communicating other than you can read the message. The messages are securely locked in which only you and the recipient are able to unlock and read them. (Alprazolam)

In addition, the messages you are sending have unique locks and keys. It automatically comes in every WhatsApp message without turning the settings on or set special chats in order to secure messages.

Therefore, you can rest assured that messages that are sent would stay between the communicating parties. Not even WhatsApp can unlock it, so the messages are kept safe in your hands. Take note that messages are not stored in the servers after the delivery has been made. Thus, third-parties or even WhatsApp have no way to read them.

When it comes to calls, WhatsApp voice and video calls are likewise encrypted. So, when a user would initiate a voice or video call, the initiator would build an end-to-end encrypted session with the recipient. Thus, you are guaranteed of secured connection to whoever you communicate via WhatsApp.

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