Google Maps is developing and adding new features that transform it into one of the most useful applications of our age. Google Maps was initially just used for checking a route or exploring a location, but it appears that it can provide more and more information.

Restaurants were targeted by the latest Google Maps update and users will be able to see the wait times for it. This means that you will now approximately how long it takes for a meal to be delivered at a restaurant. However, this information will not be in real time and it will be instead based on historical information. The wait time will also be calculated depending on the day and hour.

In order to see the wait time, you will have to go to the popular times sections and it should be right there. You can check the wait time for each hour-long windows, and there are peak wait times as well. Right now there are only a list of restaurants that have this information, but more are supposed to come in other updates.

Motorcycle mode

Another good news is that motorcycle lovers will get a Google Maps mode of their own. The two-wheeler mode is supposed to come to Google Maps and we have reasons to believe that this will happen really soon.

When analyzing the code, some lines have been found and they contain promo text that is supposed to alert users when the “two-wheeler” mode will be released. Other lines also contain actions for the upcoming motorcycle mode. Usually, the promo code means that an update is already on its way, which means that we could get the new mode in the next Google Maps update.

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