A lot of people still have problems with Facebook for older Android devices. Fortunately, here are a few tips to help you solve some common problems related to unsupported Android phones.

If you are having issues with your current Facebook app, you might be using older versions of Android, such as version 2.1. For this reason, you can downgrade your version of the app. But, you have to uninstall the recent updates to your Facebook app.

  • Just visit the Google Play Store from your mobile phone
  • Search Facebook and tap the “Uninstall” tab
  • Replace this app with a downloaded Facebook APK file from a trusted source
  • You just need to copy the older version of the file to your mobile device in order to begin the installation
  • Just make sure that you have set the restriction to allow installing files from “Unknown Sources”. Simply visit Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources from your mobile phone and tick the box on its right to enable this feature.

After the installation, you should have access to the older Facebook app. Take note that this may not be supported by Facebook, so you won’t be able to enjoy the most recent features.

Facebook Lite – A Good Option

Alternatively, you can install Facebook Lite, which use less data but it would work on all networks. Basically, it is smaller so it is easy and quick to download without using huge storage space. Moreover, it would work on old Android devices, which are no longer supported by the full version of Facebook. You only have to update your mobile device to Android 2.2 or higher so that this version of the app would work on your phone.

Newer Android phones can support the full version of Facebook for Android. So the next time you purchase an Android phone, make sure it has a newer firmware so that it can support most apps in the Play Store.

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