People would look for ways to cut down costs of daily living. One of them is the cost of communications via the Internet. Popular among these communications media is voice over Internet protocol or VoIP on your mobile devices. Thus, free calling apps are available for download to make free calls over the Web. Here are some of the most famous choices.


Skype is a famous VoIP service that offers local as well as international calls to users of the same app. Moreover, it provides Skype users to contact non-Skype users through its low-cost plans. It also provides quality service often unmatched by other apps in the market.

WhatsApp Messenger

Mobile device users have a reason to celebrate, because the most famous VoIP app named WhatsApp is here to stay. Facebook owns WhatsApp after buying it in 2014, and today it has over 1 billion users worldwide. ( This app uses your device’s Internet connection in order to contact family or friends via text or voice calls.

Google Hangouts

A well-designed tool has now arrived for users who love apps with plenty of features. This app is supported by cross-platform environments with a big community of active users. It can be used for free when users want to make voice or video calls in a flash.

Facebook Messenger

The users of Facebook nowadays have reached 2 billion people around the world. Aside from being a social media site, it is also a full-fledged communication app. This app also offers free voice and video calling features to any user on Facebook.

Viber Messenger

When it comes to free voice and video calls, Viber is never left behind the pack. This is because it is one of the most frequently used apps by more than 800 million users within a Wi-Fi environment. It would use the phone number of your device to identify you over the network, and it seamlessly connects with your contact list.

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