For better results use a desktop web browser because there are many steps you’ll have to reconsider. With more than two billion active users per month, Facebook’s popularity is huge.

There are some steps for you if you have decided to delete the account but still continue to use Messenger.

First, you’ll need to have an offline copy of your own data. From the General Account Settings you can Download a copy of your Facebook data after you press Start My Archive. For the download of the content wait for an email after you previously introduced your password. This step takes up to 20 minutes for a 90MB archive. The file downloaded will contain all your data without photos where you’ve been tagged.

For a smooth operation, disassociate your connected devices from this account; try Log out all sessions.  Since Facebook is used in another log-in websites, this can affect your deactivation and you’ll have to wait again for the same process, which is why you have to personally deactivate everything manually, including Messenger. Maybe you don’t know how many applications are using the Facebook so, use the setting page to see and remove any services.

Think about either you are managing any groups or pages because these will be uncontrollable and your friends would probably need to know your actions first. Don’t forget to give up your duty if you’re the admin for Pages and pass it over to another person. The same goes for Groups in which you act as the admin, just name somebody you trust and from the … select make admin. For advertising from your account, make sure to go to Ads Manager Account to it paid up and to let somebody else control it.

Ad preferences for the advertising data should be disabled under the Your information and Ad settings categories.

What are the changes to permanently delete your Facebook account? Because you might be back later, you can just temporarily deactivate it. Follow the Settings page and select Manage account – Deactivate your account. Then all your data will be saved on Facebook’s server and just your social media profile disappears. You can still continue using different Facebook services.

If you’re asking how much time does the permanent deletion takes, there are up to 90 days. After you delete it, Messenger account will also be erased. The account will become invisible to your friends but unless you are signing-in back this will not be reactivated. Facebook advises thinking twice before giving up to it because you won’t be able to reactivate it after the deletion is in progression.

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