The new update is waiting to come out this December. For months now, Supercell prepared updates for the Christmas. As every year in December, the village will get a transformation. There will be added snow, Christmas decorations and new obstacles. The last update was in October and, focused more on the new Builder Base. We are accustomed to receiving two updates per year and last major one was in 2015 when they changed the shield and the gold system. We are expecting to get a Town Hall 12 or Builder Hall 8 this December.

Expectation from Supercell

The most exciting part is that the Christmas tree is changing every year, while there will be snow in the village, Christmas presents etc. There are many expectations to happen. Hopefully, Clash of Clans will add new game quests and more clan benefits, higher levels for the Valkyrie and Dragon troops, while having more options from the Builder Base.

A mysterious letter  Q signals a part of the big surprise.

Details on the Builder Base

More and more rumours said that the update will add a Builder Hall 8 that will release the Super PEKKA. If you’re curious what does it mean, well, players will have an upgraded high level for troop and machines, more walls and a Mega Tesla, which is coming soon anyway.

Update’s coming in

I know you are asking when the big event is going to happen. Usually, Supercell makes a week or so prior the Christmas present. If we think is going to happen as, in the previous years, the update might come around December 12th, or maybe a week later.

Check the teasers around December 15th and stay tuned to other new releases about the Clash of Clans updated package.

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