This was a big year for Nintendo since the company released a brand new console. Switch was just as successful as we imagined and it is safe to say that the console came with some of the best games of the year. We made a list with some of the most popular.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This title was a big one and it was highly anticipated by all users. The game was supposed to be released 4 years ago only for Wii U but it was ultimately released this year for both Wii U and Switch, which upset some fans that bought the Wii U only for the game. (

Nevertheless, the game is truly impressive, and it exceeds all our expectations. There are plenty of locations and characters in a seemingly endless world that allows you to explore it on your own.

Gold Story

It may appear strange that we have included this game, but this indie game has proved to be a pleasant surprise. This game works like RPG and gold merges with other interesting aspects. For example, there is also a supernatural murder mystery, and even an evil wizard that needs to be defeated with an army of the dead.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

This game with a simple yet effective design and a surprising concept. In this game Mario teams up with Yoshi, Princess Peach Luigi and with four Rabbids dressed like them they battle enemy Rabbids. Each character has some special abilities.

Super Mario Odyssey

This is another Mario game and it comes with a surprising character, Cappy, Mario’s hat, that can be used to possess other characters and objects, including frogs, an onion or a dinosaur. This game is another one that takes a classic franchise and brings something fresh to it.

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