As you may already know, Apple has been known to ship out revolutionary products that are cutting edge in both hardware and software design. If you were able to use apple products, you would notice how well the two components sync with each other and how well it stacks up against the other leading brands in the market.

When MacBook Air first came out everyone had their heads turned. It came with a revolutionary design that was never been seen before. It was truly one of the slimmest portable computers in the market with a hardware that was excellent and well performing.

With that in mind, looking at the latest iteration of the MacBook air brand from Apple many people are asking whether it is still worth the money to buy it.

First off the MacBook Air 2017 is still one heck of a portable computer to use and the real question is if it is truly what you need for the computer task you are planning to be doing in the future.

What is new with the upgrade?

There are a lot of people who are vocal about their frustration with regards to the actual upgrade Apple gave the latest MacBook Air. Many are saying that Apple has not done the original ingenuity of the MacBook Air when it first came out back in 2010.

They upgraded the Intel Core i5 processor from 1.6GHz to a 1.8GHz one, which is not really that significant since the last update was just last 2015. This makes the Air not suitable for those planning to use it for hardcore gaming and video editing, although the MacBook Air 2017 is still a great notebook to use if you only intend to use it for relative office work, browsing, and photo editing.

The new upgrade also comes with the faster Intel HD Graphics 6000 chip which was used in the 2015 upgrade, so if you have an Air that is older than the 2015, this new iteration might be worth the upgrade. There is also an option wherein you can choose to have the Intel Core 2.2.GHz processor during purchase.

In addition to the slight upgrade of the processor Apple also incorporated a feature called the Turbo Boost, which you can use to overclock the processor and push its speeds higher. This is only recommended if you have enough power and the temperature of your work area is cooler. Otherwise you’ll run the risk of experiencing a CPU speed-throttle. After a Turbo Boost the i5 1.8GHz becomes a 2.9GHz, while the i7 2.2GHz becomes a 3.2GHz.

Other features of the MacBook Air that you might like

Aside from the still attractive design, the 2017 MacBook Air keeps the side ports from the 2015 model, which makes it a highly usable Apple notebook out of the box since you don’t have to buy extra peripherals.

The MacBook Air being the cheapest Mac you can grab is an excellent starter Mac for those wanting to use the Mac OS System without hurting their pockets too much.

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