A new Allo update has been released and it brings some new functions to the table. There are no huge changes, but there are some interesting additions. This version comes with updated icons, new welcome screen and more. Let’s take a look.

New welcome screen

The new update comes with a new greeting for new users. You will see a cute sticker, and the phrase “Smart group chats, by Google.” It seems pretty important that the app decided to emphasis on group chats since it appears that Allos did focus recently on them.

Streamlined options for new chats

After this new update, certain things have been organized better. Now, group chats and solo chats begin the same way. If you wish to talk with one person, then you will have to add just that person on the list. If that is not the case, then you will have a regular group chat with more members.

Updated icons

Google also decided to update the adaptive icons. The previous icons did not make a lot of sense since they had an unnecessary white background, that made it look as if there was a tiny icon inside the actual icon. Luckily, they finally fixed that, and now Allo has some simple icons that look good and are easy to recognize.

Upcoming functions

The apks have been analyzed and some predictions have already been made. It appears that Allo will bring transcriptions for audio messages. This would be a welcome addition since there are always some friends who abuse audio notes, despite the fact that you are not always able to listen to them. Right now they appear to be in testing and we shall see when they will be released.

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