Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. This platform is also bundled with a special messenger that’s packed with tons of features which have been specially designed to make it easier for Facebook users to communicate. Basically, Facebook Messenger is the place where everyone can instantly connect with their friends, family members and so on.

Facebook Messenger Beta APK

Obviously, the reason why this messenger is so popular is because it ships alongside Facebook. However, the messenger is also optimized to the point that its considered an app on its own. In fact, Facebook Messenger is constantly being updated with new features and performance tweaks.

With that said, Facebook users should be happy to know that a new update is available for download right now. The update comes in form of APK and it brings the app’s build number up to Beta. Additionally, we need to mention that this update is exclusive to Beta users and Android devices since it’s an APK (android package kit).

The thing that makes APKs so special is the fact that they are published weeks before the developer wants to roll out the update to the wide public, but there’s a catch to it. Users are required to manually download and install APKs themselves.

Improved Audio and Video Call Panel

One of the best things Facebook Messenger is the fact that it doesn’t only focus on texting and it also enables users to place audio or video calls. Things get even better since Facebook Messenger also allows users to get into conference calls with up to nine people.

Nonetheless, this new update is focused towards improving the calls panel by relocating call history and missed calls in one place. While this might not be a groundbreaking feature, it’s still nice to have since it improves the overall user experience.

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