The Windows operating system has some essential files that should not be deleted, since this would affect the entire system. msvcr120.dll is one of those files and it essential third-party applications since it can extract various resources for them.

However, there are various situations where the file is missing. Since msvcr120.dll is linked to C++ programming language the programs that are running in this language won’t open anymore. Obviously this is a big issue, so today we will show you multiple solutions that can fix this problem.

  1. MySQL Installer Community

If the missing file cause problems with MySQL applications (e.g.: MySQL Workbench), you should download MySQL Installer Community on your computer. The tool can help you in this situation since it will detect whether you are missing some Visual Studio components, and the components that are missing will be installed. You can find the app on the official MySQL website.

  1. System File Checker (SFC)

System File Checker will scan your computer for you in order to find corrupt files in your system. This tool has been a part of Microsoft Windows for years.

  • Press Windows + R and then type “taskmgr” and press Enter
  • Click the File option in the left side of the screen and select “Run new task”
  • Type “powershell” and check “Create this task with administrative privileges”
  • Now type “sfc/scannow” and then press Enter. Wait until the scanning process is over, it might take a while.
  • If Windows finds some errors that it cannot fix type “sfc/verifiyonly”
  • If the corrupt files can’t be repaired, use the following command in the PowerShell: “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth” in the PowerShell. The corrupt files should be automatically replaced, but this process might take some time.
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