You might want to sit down for this: settlements are about to come to being, thanks to this transformative mod. The current year’s most wanted mod is Sim Settlements of Fallout 4

So what’s this about?

Sim Settlements proved to be dumbfounding to us. It gives Fallout 4 players an altogether better approach to make settlements by, basically, enabling NPCs to construct their own.

With certain places for business, residential or modern industrial buildings, and the fact that you get to watch your settlers create their own buildings, which are pretty amazing.

As your settlement develops the NPCs, they include even more features. Each time you visit a settlement, you can see how they improved, which makes everything feel so real and which gives your settlements some kind of organization skills.  They aren’t simply wasting time, wanting you to organize and do everything.

The extremely incredible thing is that the vanilla settlement framework is still available for use. Come on, build some areas, think some areas through. You can choose how much you want to be involved in this. It’s an incredibly insightful and well-made mod that could be fused into the game itself.

Another way to look at it

It would also be great to just fall into a merciless dystopian world with a shed load of guns and scuffle weapons available for us, where we would need to fight threatening, abnormal beasts, not only playing the God of interior design. We sure know the importance of rebuilding the world and that it’s indispensable for survival. It’s just another opinion on the game, do not throw stones at us! If you think about it, playing God can be a little tricky, telling them where to sleep and where to plant seeds.

They removed the tedium from the building and that’s good. And when you leave the game and then come back to find your settler’s crafting completed, it actually feels good, doesn’t it?

By doing this, Fallout 4’s settlement system seems to be more associated with the game. In addition, a new flexible system permits the essential needs of your settlers to change after some time, which means that it would be harder and harder to make them happy.

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