If you were curious about taking your ads to a new level, then you have come to the right webpage. One of the most successful methods of having an online presence is get your ads to Facebook.

However, Facebook ads have standards, which you need to follow. Here are a few of the objectives that may be useful for your endeavor.

There are 3 categories for the objectives intended for Facebook ads.

  1. Awareness – This category contains the objectives generating interest for your products or services
  2. Consideration – This category motivates people to begin thinking about your business and looking for more details about it
  3. Conversion – This would encourage people interested in your business to buy or use your products or services

Facebook ad types are also categorized into 5 as specified below.

  1. Single image – This is the creation of six ad variations using only one image. This should have an image size of 1200x628p with aspect ratio of 1.91:1.
  2. Single video – This type of Facebook ad only uses one video. Format would be .mov or .mp4, or whichever is supported by Facebook. Maximum size must be 2.3GB with resolution of at least 720p.
  3. Slideshow – This would create a looping video containing up to ten images. This type must have at least 1280px720p image size with .mov or .mp4 video format.
  4. Carousel – This type would create an ad having 2 to 10 scrollable videos or images. This type should have an image size of 1080x1080p at 1:1 ratio. For its video specs, you need at least .mov or .mp4 files and not more than 2.3GB file size.
  5. Canvas – This would create an immersive story through the combination of videos and images into an interactive, full-screen experience

The placement of the Facebook ads would determine where they will be shown, such as in the desktop or mobile News Feed, right column of the desktop, or choosing your ads to appear on Instagram.

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