The most popular messaging platform is now available for Nokia Asha. It was available before but not the version 2.12.95, which comes with great features.

Symbian OS Gets WhatsApp Updates Once or Twice a Month

WhatsApp lets users send photos, videos, voice calls, files, documents, voice messages, share location for individual recipients or in groups, everything for free – as long as you’re connected to an internet network.

This messaging platform is supported by different OS: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian. This is where Nokia Asha comes into the discussion, as it runs on Symbian S40. They only get updates once or twice a month, unlike Android or iOS which are more popular. But now, Nokia Asha can support WhatsApp version 2.12.95.

Nokia Asha is a budget friendly phone with no GPS, a 5 MP main camera sensor and connectivity through Bluetooth. Some of the many models have a setup for dual SIM. The series has been turned off in 2014, when Microsoft Mobile took over.

WhatsApp 2.12.95 Features and Ways of Installing the Updated Version

This update version is available on all Symbian phones, like Nokia Asha or Nokia C3, but they are currently in BETA. If you don’t want a beta version of WhatsApp, then the next stable one is 2.12.89.

WhatsApp 2.12.95 comes in a lighter pack – 100 KB less, as the developers were looking for optimizing the file size. Other improvements have been connected to translation changes and bug fixes.

You can get the newest version for you Nokia Asha from the official store or from – but here, you’ll need to manually install it. Right after you install it, you must provide your phone number to get it verified and you’re done! You can now use the updated BETA version of this app on your Symbian OS.

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