GTA V was truly a hit and it remains one of the most successful video games in history. Its developers decided to continue its success and they created GTA Online, which is also quite popular.

Today we will show you which missions offer you the most RP and cash.

How to earn more RP?

If you want to earn more RP you should know that playing with Friends gives you a small bonus. You will get even more RP if you play missions with other team members. You can also play some missions on your own, but you won’t get as many rewards.

Playing with Crew member who are also Friends is recommended and it will be easier than trying to play with a stranger. You should also know that the first time you complete a mission you will receive double RP.

What are the most profitable missions?

  • Sinking Feeling

This mission is unlocked at rank 55. The RP reward is 2,200 and the cash payout is $21,000. In this mission you have to get two SUVs that have explosives and let them at Lester’s warehouse.

You will be underground for most of this mission and you will have to be very careful so that you do not blow up the SUVs.

  • A Boat in the Bay

This mission is unlocked at Rank 50, it comes with 2.900 RP and $15,700 cash rewards. For A Boat in the Bay you will have to retrieve a boat full of cocaine and then take it to Alamo Sea.

There are plenty of enemies on the beach and after you get past them you will need to get to the boat on the shoreline.

There are also some enemies on the sea and you have to defeat them and take the boat to the jetty in the Alamo Sea in order to complete the mission.

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