Minecraft is arguably the best sandbox game ever to have been developed. This game features a virtually limitless world with tons of possibilities. The player is left to his or her own devices and is able to create a world that is limited only to his or her imagination. The world of Minecraft has basically three modes.

The first mode is the survival mode, which you can set to easy, normal, and difficult. In this mode the player will be begin with virtually nothing and will have to collect resources in order to survive. During the night, the player will have to contend with monsters or hostile mobs if he or she is not able to sleep.

The second mode is known as the peaceful mode. In this mode, the player will have to survive by collecting resources and will be left to explore a world similar to that of the survival mode except that there won’t be hostile mobs out to kill the player during night time.

The third Minecraft mode is called the creative mode. In this mode the player does not have to collect resources because every item and every block is already available. Players usually play with this mode in order to create worlds that mimic the real world. A quick tour on Youtube will let you see how creative players could get being able to create beautiful structures using the Minecraft world engine.

Can Minecraft be played even with different gaming platforms?

No matter how great a game is there will always be a downside to it. As for Minecraft, one of its biggest downside is that there is a lingering problem when it comes to cross-platform gaming. There is a barrier that prevents gamers who are using different gaming platforms from playing with each other. Right now after Minecraft was purchased by Microsoft a solution in the form of the “Better Together” Minecraft update some platforms can already play with Minecraft. However if you are playing Minecraft on the PS3 and PS4 you will not be able to take part in this Minecraft update since Sony Playstation and Microsoft has not been able to sort things out yet.

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