GTA Online is a multiplayer game that continues the GTA 5 story. The game is packed with missions and activities so that the players won’t get bored. However, if it is your first time playing something GTA related, it might be hard to get started.

Play with friends

The world is a dangerous place in GTA Online. That is why you should play with friends. Friends will invite you to join as a group, or you can also be the one who invites people. Keeping friends around is useful for missions since it will get you higher rewards. Additionally, it is safer to play with friends and less likely that you will be killed.

Get a gun and a car

Los Santos is full of threats so make sure that you are always armed. Find a gun that you are comfortable with since chances are that you will use it a lot. Additionally, if you do not have enough money, get the first gun you can find since it is still better than nothing.

If you have a gun you must have a car too. Your fist choice is very important since you will have to use that car for quite some time. Getting more cars is expensive since you need a garage. If you are planning to buy one you should definitely begin to save money.

Additionally, you can get a free Elegy RH8 is you sign up for Rockstar’s Social Club.

Getting money

If you need to earn money without risking too much you should try stealing cars. Jacking a car will get you some quick bucks and it is not too dangerous.

However, if you want to earn more money and RP you should try missions. Each mission comes with a story, but they are more challenging.

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