Valorant Patch Notes 2.01 is out and all players are excited to know the changes made with this update. This update has brought a massive change in this game. This update has made the major map changes and Jett balancing in this game.

Valorant Patch Notes 2.01

Valorant Update 2.01

This update is available to download, it will be automatically downloaded to your device if it did not then you can manually download this update on your device.

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Valorant Patch Notes 2.01

Agent Updates


In Valorant Update Patch 1.0, the Jett’s smoke duration was increased to 7 seconds earlier it was only 4 seconds and it was effective. So, in this update the developers have made changes in Jett.

Map Updates


This update is focused on improving the attacker options that is available on the map. It has reduced 50/50 checks. The width of the B Main doorway has been increased.

  • It will make the space easier in order to navigate for the attackers. It will make defenders in order to stall Attackers in the choke point.
  • It will create the angle into B Main when standing on the new object. Spike plant zone boundary has been increased.
  • With Valorant Patch Notes 2.01, this will allow the new Spike plant location for attackers for defending from within B Main.
  • The new material stack cover in B Site will allow the users to isolate angles more effectively.
  • It will also break the vertical 50/50 angle while peeking into the site from B Main.
  • The depth of the corner in order to allow pushing into defender spawn with more safety has been reduced.
  • The cubby near defender spawn in order to allow pushing through this area more safely has been removed.
  • The width of the Vent Room entrance has been increased.

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Competitive Updates

  • The ability for hiding the custom game results from Match History has been added.

Social Updates

  • Now, the teammates with privacy and streamer mode enabled would not have the Add Friend button near the name.
  • Now, the Add Friend button exists for the temperature.
  • The developers have added the AFK forgiveness for the certain number of rounds with Valorant Patch Notes 2.01.


  • The developers have fixed the issue with the rank promotion as well as demotion indicators overlapping.
  • The developers have fixed the bugs that can cause the Radiant icon or an error message to show during the End of Game screen instead of the correct rank details.
  • The bugs have been fixed where the Reyna’s Leer will not display on the mini map correctly.
  • There was a bug where the credits will not be properly refunded just after selling a gun that a teammate bought, this bug has been fixed.
  • The bugs have been fixed where the offscreen flash VFX would display incorrectly with Valorant Patch Notes 2.01.
  • Omen being able in order to trigger the defuse sound while teleporting has been fixed.
  • The developers has fixed the fire rate stacking issue when the player is in one Brimstone Stim Pack while another ends.
  • The Skye not properly showing the callout region she’s in has been fixed.

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Wrap Up

It was the complete information about Valorant Patch Notes 2.01. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding this update. If you have any queries regarding this patch notes then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Valorant Patch Notes 2.01.

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