These last months have been very productive, as Nokia and HMD Global continuously worked to deliver Android Oreo to their devices. And we can see the new operating system on both Nokia 5 and the Nokia 8, after weeks of beta testing.

Right now, Nokia 6 will be getting the system upgrade, but not before it goes through a period of beta testing. For those eager to check Android Oreo on Nokia 6, Nokia’s Mobile Beta Labs have launched the program of enrollment into beta testing.

Those who own a Nokia 6 can now install the beta version of Android Oreo on their smartphones, at the cost of experiencing some bugs, of course. But how can you register to the beta program?

Enroll for Beta Testing

You must go to the official Nokia website (follow this link), fill out your IMEI and other details. Then you will have to wait for the OTA update.

Having troubles? On your phone go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘System’ -> ‘System update’ and see if you have received the latest security patch that came out for December.

If you want to remove your device from the Beta program and go back to the latest stable OS version, you will have to go back to the website and do it manually.

So far, Nokia users from India have reported a bug which has been already fixed, so the beta version of Android Oreo seems to be a work in progress, but at least the issues are solved fast.

Getting Android Oreo on your Nokia 6 is a great upgrade, bringing the system-wide password auto-fill, PiP mode, UI and performance improvements, and some bug fixes.

The beta upgraded version of OS also comes with a Feedback application preinstalled that you can use to send reports of issues you encounter.

It’s worth giving it a try and see what new features Android Oreo will soon bring on your device.

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