The cool thing about technology is that is it open to everybody who wants to get in and all you have to do is put in the work to be able to produce something of value. This basic truth can be the driving force that helps in the birthing of cool new innovative creations that revolutionizes the way people do things and solve problems.

But because of the different styles and unique ways that people create there are a couple of things that come up such as compatibility which becomes a point of concern. For technology, the programming language use and the hardware make all the difference.

Due to the immense diversity that composes the tech community when it comes to video players there is a whole array of great software to choose from out there. Plus you also have take into account the format of the video you want to watch because usually players do not support all the available video formats out there.

Two Types of Video Players

There are basically two types of Video Players you can download and use. The first type is proprietary software which means it belongs to a company that is selling or leasing the rights for you to use their product, while the second type is open-source software wherein you don’t have to pay anything to them in order for you to use their product.

VLC Player mostly gets the job done

The VLC Player is a popular open source video player that has been around for a while now and it is popular because it has a lot of features other than being able to play different types of format. It can convert a video format to other types of format as well as extract the audio file from a video multimedia file. It also has an excellent sound mixer that allows you to tweak how you want the audio to sound.

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