With the publication of the Apple TV Amazon Prime Video app and a download of a different TV OS app, you can now use this for a future generation of Apple TV too. Give it a little time and Amazon Prime Video will be officially found in the Apple TV App Store, even though the news was unknown for a while. Everything came to light just a couple of days ago.

Apple TV is finally out and a service for the iPhone X display resolution is brought by the iOS app. If the segment for Amazon Prime is not available, just type “Amazon” in the iOS app and then the Prime Video segment can be selected from “More by this developer”.

For the 5.0 version, iTunes provides the next information:

  • Customers with Prime can stream a vast library of movies and TV shows at no additional cost.
  • Watch on your Apple TV directly by downloading the separate tvOS app (requires Apple TV 3rd generation or later).
  • Universal Search now supported – search for Prime videos using iOS search (US, CA, AU, NO, & SE only).
  • iPhone X support.

The fact that before being even released Amazon Prime is promoted on Apple Tv, Spanish Apple news site Applesfera comes with the following argument: We love Amazon Prime. For $99 a year, we get super-fast delivery (up to same-day!), a huge selection of free eBooks, and early access to major savings. Now, we can also kick back and watch some of the hottest entertainment around with Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV. The sleek service is packed with great movies, tv shoes – even Thursday Night Football.

The opportunity to be officially released as part of the Apple TV past, since Apple declared that Amazon Prime will be added first in the summer of 2017 and after that in September 2017. Things are not working as they appear and the issue can be secured by just searching for Amazon in the iOS app as it was explained above.

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