Zelda fans have been waiting for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC expansion. It appears that players won’t have to wait no more because the expansion has been released sooner than we expected. The DLC is only available through Breath of the Wild’s $20 / £18 expansion pass, and this also allows players to access new outfits, a new difficulty mode that is a bit harder, the Trial of the Sword and the Master Trials.

The Champions’ Ballad

Nintendo also announced the release date for Nintendo Switch and Wii U. The news was announced at The Game Awards on Thursday night. The presentation also has the producer, Eiji Aonuma, dressed with a Champion’s Tunic and holding a Master Sword. And, finally, there was a trailer that presented all the titular champions from Breath of the Wild.

The trailer also shows the Master Cycle Zero, which is some a steampunk version of a motorcycle that is shaped like a horse. In the end you can see Link riding the Master Cycle Zero. Players can also get it once they complete all the new challenges that come in the DLC. In The Champions’ Ballad you can still play as Link, despite its title. Nevertheless, expect a brand new tool for him.

The trailer is 02:36 minutes long and it starts with Link and his sword, before moving on and presenting all the other champions. Each one has its own moment or specific lines, but Link continues to be the focus of the trailer. The end of the trailer also announced that the expansion is “available now. The Champions’ Ballad will also come with new gear, new shrines a brand new original story and even a new dungeon.

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