The two companies behind WhatsApp and Skype offer similar services to its users and that is the VOIP service. VOIP which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows its users to take voice calls over worldwide over the Internet.

This technology singlehandedly changed the communication landscape of the world, being at the time of its debut significantly cheaper than the other existing voice over communication techs it was a clear favorite when consumers and businesses were given the choice.

Skype’s stability versus WhatsApp’s mobility

The first major tech communications company that was responsible for the rise of VOIP technology is Skype. Skype during its time was arguably the most used application to take voice and video calls using computers. It provided a stable and reliable platform where users were able to avail of the basic services for free.

Fast forward a couple of years later, WhatsApp did what Skype did only in a more mobile-oriented world. If Skype is equal to desktop computers, WhatsApp would be for mobile smart devices.

Comparing Skype and WhatsApp by this metric will garner an impasse, since Skype would be an obvious choice for desktop computers while WhatsApp would be the better choice for smart mobile devices. If you prefer mobility then you would want to go with WhatsApp, but if you prefer something that has a stable feel for Desktop computers then you should use Skype.

Easy Search Options Versus More Privacy

If you are a WhatsApp user you will have noticed how easy it is to add contacts and message or call them without their prior approval. This is certainly a great feature especially if you are on a hurry and already know the person you want to contact.

However, a clear disadvantage for this feature is that people you don’t want contacting you or even total strangers can easily reach you if they have your number stored in their device’s memory. With WhatsApp location sharing feature this could pose as a potential security threat.

As for Skype, you won’t be able to add a contact unless you know what their skype name is. This is a cool security feature that allows some level of privacy protection, however this makes Skype a difficult platform to use to reconnect with people you actually knew but have lost touch.

Skype and WhatsApp User counts

The obvious winner for this metric is the WhatsApp messenger. This is simply due to the nature of WhatsApp being a mobile application that has the tendency to “catch fire” by simple word of mouth.

WhatsApp has nearly a billion users, however there was also a time that almost every functioning computer in the world and that was connected to the Internet had Skype installed.

The bulk of Skype users will probably be users belonging to the older generations since it was created right before the boom of the smart phone age when desktop computers were king.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the WhatsApp messenger belongs to the younger age groups. This piece of information is useful especially if you are looking for a job, expect that the more senior ones will probably ask for your Skype id, so be sure to have one ready.

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