A new payment option from Google is going to release an update to connect to service providers. Currently, Google Tez allows you to send and receive monetary values between bank accounts.

In this new update, it will offer a way to connect to several service providers such as the electricity board, gas company, mobile carrier, and the broadband company. This enables you to retrieve the billing history and allows you to pay pending bills in a flash.

You just need to add the service and enter the details that you have signed up, then Tez will display your previous bills right away. Thus, it would help you complete your payments, as well as notify you about your future bills.

So, you don’t have to track your transactions for different services manually because you can do it online. Moreover, you don’t have to search and enter the exact figures that you owe from your latest bill. Google has made all that possible by partnering with over 70 major service providers concerned with the different categories mentioned earlier.

Google has been successful with its app Tez, catering to the peer-to-peer payments of their customers. In India alone, it has processed a total of 140 million transactions from its September launch. For a new app like Tez, it has been an amazing feat supporting the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in the country. This is a system designed by the government to permit transactions from one bank to another.

In addition, all UPI transactions are offered for free. But, it is not clear if there are money-changing hands between the service providers and Google for now. This indicates that this initiative should get more people online with services designed and optimized for users to experience mobile Internet for the first time.

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