OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology has become really popular with today’s electronic devices. Lately, TV’s are the ones that began to adopt it.

Today we will analyze two such TV’s, both from LG: OLED55B7 and OLED55C7. They are available for $1,700 and at the moment they are the cheapest 4K OLED TV’s available on the market.

The price

While OLED technology has many advantages it can be rather expensive to mass produce. That is why the prices of OLED55B7 and OLED55C7 come as a surprise especially since the fact that they are cheaper did not reduce from their picture quality.

Compared to other premium models, OLED55B7 and OLED55C7, don’t have certain features such as the pixels on glass design or the built-in soundbars. Nevertheless, they still manage to deliver quality.


Both OLED55B7 and OLED55C7 come with an ultra-thin frame and have stand designs that have metallic finishes. However, OLED5C7 has a wider stand design.

These TVs are also very slim, slimmer than LCD TVs which light their pixels with backlights.


Both TVs manage to deliver just enough brightness, so that the amount of noise is reduced and there are no infusions of ‘just above black’ grayness. They also know how to use their 4K resolutions, which means that you will be able to get the high quality of 4K sources.

The sets manage to deliver clarity and sharpness even when it comes to action scenes because they feature enhanced motion reproduction. OLED55B7 and OLED55C7 also feature a better upscaling of HD content to the native 4K resolutions of the OLED panels.

The C7 and B7 models also come with a modified viewing angle support. Another thing that should be pointed out is that both models have an impressive depth and uniformity of the black level.

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