Far Cry 5 is an action and adventure shooter developed and published by Ubisoft. The action of the fifth game of the franchise takes place in Montana and hope County is a place which is easy to get to know.

Far Cry 5: how it works

Far Cry players will recognize in the initial missions some similarities with previous games. The most important thing is to study enemy patrols and their patters, such as to understand when the perfect time to read alert meters is and how to master stealth takedowns.

Another important thing to learn is switching gears fast. Those belonging to the Eden Gat cult will try hard to make sure the player is pushed to the maximum. The followers of the Eden Gate cult are territorial and they do not enjoy when their territory and leader, Joseph See, aka “The Father” are under attack.

Far Cry 5 and Ghost Recon: Wildlands similarities

Both games have a thing for helicopter shooting puzzles. It seems that Ubisoft used the same thematic for both 2017 releases. The pathway through Eden’s Gate territory seems familiar with the ambitious route of El Sueno. In both games there is an abundance of helicopters and several ways to infiltrate bases from the skies.

Other aspects of Far Cry 5

The world created in Montana is that of a cult-occupied county. The player can see throughout the game things such as cut members executing non believers, and right afterwards a bear emerging from the forest.

Some have argued that the religious fanaticism present in the game compensates for the lack of meaningful message. The first-person shooter introduces the player to a world which can be fun exploring and hanging around, not only accomplishing missions and fighting.

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