GTA Online continues to surprise year after year and the newest mod is Doomsday Heist. This update allows players to fly jet packs, drive submersible cars and kill clone armies.

More on Doomsday Heist

The new free update presents Lester, a character working to save the world from destruction. Most missions are narrative focused and they are not boring at all.

As any other update there are new vehicles, weapons and facilities, including some rather expensive. Some Heists cost more than five times as the initial ones.

GTA Online is a little pricey

Many fans noticed that GTA is getting expensive to play and all the cool stuff have a price. Some players are lucky enough to rely on invites from those who can afford to purchase new content. Even so, those who want to facilities closer to the action have to pay around 3 million $.

Are the Doomsday Heists really Heists?

The game has three heists and they are broken into three acts. Those who tried them have described them as quests. That is because even if there are set-up missions, the leader has to split earnings and there are multi-step missions built around the final one.

Other players have expressed their opinions regarding Prep missions. Some find them rather boring because they take place in the open world. Also, the missions are simple and filled with long drives. The long drives makes players vulnerable and other players in the lobby can attack them. Those who want to skip the prep missions have to pay around 95,000 $.

After all the prep is ready, players get access to a final mission. This is everyone’s favorite because players can enjoy jetpacks and they escape a secret military facility. Also, the excitement and action of the last mission keep the adrenaline at high levels.

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