GTA 6 will definitely happen! But apparently no time soon. Rockstar company is, as of now, working on the development of Red Dead Redemption 2, yet another GTA is unavoidably coming. All things considered, GTA 5 is one of the most noteworthy offering, best computer games ever. You need to think a spin-off is in transit in the near future.

Enough features, but are they really that important?

We’re hoping that this new game will be generous enough to us, that it will give us more leisure activities, you know, like in San Andreas. You had a whole arrangement of auxiliary measurements for your character that didn’t generally add up to much in essential gameplay, however, they were attached to an entire host of optional exercises, for example, heading off to the gym or getting different hairstyles.

So why? What was in their minds?

What was the purpose of those things? They had no purpose at all, they didn’t really include anything besides they helped tissue out the game’s reality, and influence it to appear to be much more genuine and legitimate. GTA 5 particularly does extremely well in such manner, however, it unquestionably remains behind San Andreas, which figured out how to be significantly more pleasant by having lots of features and booming in such matters over 10 years back.

What do we actually need for this game?

With all of that being said, yes. We clearly need better shootings and driving, and a greater map, an epic story wouldn’t hurt, and we want that for GTA 6. Duh. Also, we need the parody and the amusement that the game used to have and that it’s loved for, we need it to do everything these games do. There’s not a doubt about that. Be that as it may, one region where we trust Rockstar to add more is the side activities. We hope it will add more surface to the world so that the player will be willing to find every last bit of it.

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