Pokemon GO fans have more than one reason to celebrate. This is because Pokemon GO 0.83.1 has finally been released for Android users. This was after game developer Niantic has released it in many countries around the world. However, not all countries can download this game for now.

There is a way to download this file though via trusted APK sites. Thus, you will be able to download and install Pokemon GO on your Android mobile device wherever you are on the planet.

It was not so long ago when children only watched Pokemon on TV. It was not possible then to play the game via any mobile app. But now, users were given the opportunity to play the game on Android or iOS devices.

Pokemon GO was then made available on some countries only, but then it was released in more countries. Due to incompatibility issues though, people were not able to enjoy the game via their Android devices.

Here are things that you can get from the latest 0.83.1 version of Pokemon.

  • It has made optimizations and added support for the resolution of the iPhone X screen
  • Devices running iOS 8 no longer receive support
  • Fixed a bug that has caused error banners to stay until the app has been restarted
  • Fixed a bug that kept Trainers from giving the Pokemon game its maximum CP.
  • Upon opening the app, you can notice improved load times
  • There were also some performance updates as well as different bug fixes.

You can download Pokemon GO APK for free for your Android device. However, you can also take advantage of in-app purchases in order to speed up your gameplay. The game requires a minimum of 2GB of RAM with Android version 4.4 in order to play Pokemon GO.

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