If you have friends or loved ones and want to know what they’re up to, you probably have Facebook installed on your device already. Since its release to the public, Facebook has been a major platform for both computers and more recently mobile devices. The latest build for Facebook has been released, so mobile users can update immediately. Let’s see what’s inside this version, so you know what you should look for.

What’s new?

The latest build for the mobile Facebook app contains some really nice improvements to the app’s infrastructure. You will be able to navigate the app a lot faster and more smoothly than ever. Speed is really important when you’re on the internet, because if it takes a long time for the page to load, it takes away from the excitement of the content you’re trying to view.

Using an alpha build

As the name suggests, Facebook alpha is an alpha build, which means it hasn’t yet reached its beta phase. While it will be a while longer before the mass of Facebook fans will enjoy it, you have the opportunity of trying it out earlier. Become a tester for free and try out the build. You will be the first one of your friends to play around with the latest Facebook offering, and you will also be able to help Facebook. Sending user feedback based on your experience with the alpha version is invaluable to the developer.

While it can be a great experience, it’s noteworthy that the alpha status might imply some shortcomings. In particular, you should expect some bugs or issues here and there, although nothing is guaranteed. If you’re looking for a very smooth experience from the get go you’re probably reluctant of trying it out. But if you really dislike it you can always revert to your previous build and wait for the new Live version.

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