Chrome’s ‘flags page’ has been here for some time, but there’s some great news. It got redesigned recently, making it easier to use.

Open Chrome browser and type in the search bar the following link: chrome://flags. It should take you to a hidden page that shows you different features that can be enabled, disabled, or left as default.

The redesign of this page is supposed to let you manually enable or disable flags, and they are now at the top of the page for an easier use. This redesigned page is available in Chrome Beta, Dev, and Canary.

Easy to See What You ‘Messed’ With

Did you just enable something that might have broken something? Then this new look of the flags page should allow you to find what you enabled, as it will move everything you have changed at the top of the page.

Isn’t it a great idea?

Of course it is, at least for those who actually visit this page to take a look under the hood and tinker with their browser’s settings. This new feature is handy and it should be available in the next stable Chrome version – v65, next year, in January.

Other Features

So far, the Chromium team has worked to make this page better and added a search box at the top of the page for when you want to find a certain flag. There is also a tab with unavailable flags, which you can check.

If you’re thinking of changing some of these settings, Google is there to warn you that these features are experimental and some features you want to enable could cause data loss ‘data or compromise your security or privacy.’ But this is where you can solve everything. At the top right of the page, you will see the button for resetting all to default

Right under the ‘Reset all to default’ button there is the Chrome version number.

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