What is an iPad?

The iPad is Apple’s answer to the netbook computers of Windows-based machine companies. The iPad being a tablet computer is one of the most versatile mobile computing tools in the market despite being lightweight. Running Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, its power comes from the rich collection of useful apps designed for it available at Apple’s App Store.

If you have been an iPhone or iPad user then you would know that there are literally a ton of app solutions for basically any type of problem you might encounter when you are on the go and you need some productivity tools to use. The only trick would be to choose the right one.

Who is it for?

The iPad is basically for all those who want to have an elegant solution for their mobile computing needs that don’t require much computing power. Office tasks such as document, spreadsheet, and even Powerpoint editing can be easily accomplished using the iPad.

You could also buy a compatible wireless keyboard if you expect to be typing a lot while out on of the office. The tablet from Apple is also capable of basic to intermediate image handling and editing. Not to mention for the mobile gamer who wants access to the wide array of mobile games available to play via Apple’s App Store. So if you are looking for a great tool to help you study, work, or even just play games to pass the time, the iPad is a strong candidate for you to consider.

What are the different iPad types out in the market?

The first version of the iPad came out last April of 2010, and there are quite a few models that have been discontinued by Apple owing to the advancement of both hardware technology and software compatibility.

The latest and the current versions of iPad still available in Apple stores are the iPad 2017 which comes at 9.7-inch, the iPad Pro which can come at 12.9-inch or at 10.5-inch, and the iPad mini which comes only at 7.9-inch. Between the three types the iPad Pro has the more advance features while the iPad 2017 model is the base model, but is still very powerful for a tablet.

Note that you may also find in various vendors selling the older versions of the iPad at lower prices. This may seem all too cool; however there is one catch you might want to remember and that is the official support for some of these discontinued gadgets might soon expire.

How to choose which iPad will suit you?

If you have chosen to go with an iPad for your light mobile computing the next set of questions you should help you narrow down your choice.

1. What’s your Purpose?

This means will you just be gaming with your iPad most of the time or will you be needing to compose a few pages of writing with it ever so often. Defining its purpose well will help you determine how much power, memory, and speed you actually need your tablet to have.

2. Is Size an Issue? Favorite Color?

Aesthetics are important. If you do not like the look of your iPad, eventually your gadget is going to accumulate dusts and cobwebs. Loving the look of your gadget will always help you take care of it more and make use of it more.

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