People who own an iPad tend to use the device for the same purposes. Most users are not really aware how capable the device is, so they tend to downplay it and use it for trivial things. However, an iPad can be considered an ideal mix between a phone and a computer and it can be used for numerous things.

In this article we have come up with a list of fun and interesting things that you can do on your iPad.

Use it as a second monitor

There are many persons who buy two monitors so that they can stay better organized. However, if you cannot afford one, you think of iPad as a good alternative. You can connect to your desktop and this way you will gain a number of advantages. For example, you will be able to put applications or documents side by side so that you can organize your tasks better, or you can even use the iPad to enhance multitasking.

Edit photos

An iPad is usually not the first option when it comes to editing photos. However,  that shouldn’t be the case since the App Store comes with numerous applications that are able to completely transform your picture. The same thing goes for videos. Users are able to edit them with the iMovie app which has been offered for free to iPad users.

Read books

While e-readers are the number 1 alternative, you shouldn’t ignore iPads since they can be an amazing option. Apple’s iBooks is an application that is very well defined and it comes with plenty of features for the readers.

Additionally, an iPad is ideal for reading since users can also take advantage of the Apple Pencil for writing or drawing and VoiceOver support can be used for reading out loud the pages.

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