The majority of folks choose between three common browsers – Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. However, there’s one more you can add to the mix now – UC Browser. This browser has many of the same features the others have and so much more.

UC Browser is one of the more well-respected apps in India and China, but what makes it such a special tool for people to use?

The Latest UC Browser Update

What separates UC Browser from other browsers are the constant updates it receives such as the latest APK update.  What makes these updates so worthwhile is that they don’t just fix bugs or offer new features, they also better the browser.

UC Browser’s latest update can be downloaded for free, but you must have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher to download it and a minimum of 17.3MB of free space.

UC Browser Offers Special Download Manager

What’s the one thing you despise about downloading? It’s the speeds. However, UC Browser eliminates this problem with the special download manager, as it’s been optimized to better download speeds. The download manager will use the UC Browser servers to improve the download speeds.

Incognito Mode

Nobody likes to be tracked; something UC Browser developers understand. Therefore, you can use the browser in incognito mode that will stop websites from tracking a person’s movements. It won’t save anything in the history panel, which means nobody can check out your browsing and searching history.

UC Browser Developers Create A Browser For PC Usage

Many people have discovered the various features UC Browser can offer, making it one of the most downloadable and installed apps on a device. However, some people using a computer want to know how to get it as a PC Internet browser.

Is it even possible?

UC Browser has come up with UC Browser for PC, which allows for smooth browsing without a lot of data being used. It provides the best security to keep malware and viruses from loading to your computer.  How can you get a copy of UC Browser for PC on your computer?

  • Go to
  • In the panel menu, you’ll see a Download button. Click on it to find what versions are available for PC. A window will pop up to start the downloading process.
  • You can either download online for 1.2MB or offline for 50MB. For certain operating software like Windows Vista, XP and 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, you can hit the Download UC button to start the process.
  • Once downloaded, tap the app to start the installation. You may be asked to proceed or cancel.

Upon its installation, you can open the app and enjoy the various features it has including:

  • Smoother browsing – The browser will load images and links first so that you can open them immediately.
  • Quicker downloads – You can use the high-speed download to resume a file that was interrupted.
  • Cloud Synching – You can synch open bookmarks and tabs, allowing you to switch devices and still get to where you were in the browser.
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