Get ready to receive a very good piece of news, because today Apple gave the first beta version of the new operating system iOS 11.2.5 to the beta testing group. This happened one day after Apple spread the first beta version to the developers and, also, one day after releasing iOS 11.2.1 on the market, an update that consists in a HomeKit vulnerability.

What are members supposed to do it?

Those people who are members of this program launched by Apple to beta test the operating system will get the iOS 11.2.5 update after they will install the adequate certificate on their iOS device.

Can I become a member, too?

For those people who aren’t part of this family yet, but want to become one, they can simply do it by singing up on the official website of Apple’s beta testing, which will give you access to iOS, macOS, and also tvOS betas. Keep your mind open to the fact that iOS betas might not be always as stable as they’re supposed to be and they should not be installed as a first option on the primary device.

About features

We don’t know that much about it, but from what we’ve heard, there were no new features found from the initial developer beta of iOS 11.2.5, so we’re not able to talk about what some new characteristics might look like yet. Rumour has it, the most important feature to get updated will be security, which is expected to be highly improved and we’re waiting for the bugs to get fixed, too. Other than that, just like you, we’re waiting for their official announcement to the public, with all its features and a characteristics’ list.

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