Can you imagine what the digital world would look like without Facebook and more specifically the Facebook app? Being able to update your Facebook profile, check out and like picture, and leave status messages while on the go, has been the biggest thing since sliced bread.  And even though Facebook has been around for a very long time now, the hype surrounding the app has not gone down. As such, every time there’s a new update available, fans jump on it and tear it apart to see what’s new and exciting about it. So what about Facebook beta? What can be expected here?

What’s new?

This build does not contain any extravagant features that stand out, but it does aid the app on readability and speed. While many might not really comprehend the importance of such update, having constant improvements and tweaks to the way the app works is essential to its viability. Without this sort of updates, there would be no flashy feature updates in the future. It’s great to see that the Facebook team continues to update and maintain the app, so that users can get the best experience possible.

Using the beta build

You might have noticed that this is a beta build. What this means essentially is that it is still open to changes and that the team of developers is looking for your feedback in order to make it better before it officially goes live. Now, you can wait until it reaches that point, or you can be part of the mass of users that contribute with testing the update firsthand. If you don’t like waiting and want to brag about being ahead of all your friends when it comes to using the latest Facebook version, this is definitely for you.

How to get the update

Getting Facebook beta is pretty simple. All you have to do is become one of the users that test out the beta build and then download it to your phone like you would download any other Facebook update. There’s not much to it, and in just a matter of moments (might be a bit longer depending on your internet speed), you can start testing out the latest and greatest Facebook update.

If that’s not an option for you for one reason or another, you could always download the Facebook beta APK file to your phone. From there, you should be able to install it from the local file. The process is just as simple this way, so you don’t have to worry about messing things up. Essentially, it should be really fast and simple.


Testing out beta builds is very important because it’s how the developers know if you like what they have worked on, or if there are areas that could use more work.

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