When Microsoft released Windows 10, people who had either Windows 7 or 8 were able to get a free upgrade. This option is no longer available, and many folks missed the chance to upgrade for free. However, if you want to get a free copy of Windows 10 for your computer, you’ll be glad to know that you still can.

How To Attain Windows 10 For Your Computer At No Cost

There are a few steps that allow you to legally download and install Windows 10 for free. However, you may still get the error message “This Copy of Windows is not Genuine,” but can also be addressed.

How can you download Windows 10 on your computer? You’ll need to go the official downloading page and hit the download now button. When it’s done, your media tool will be about 20MB. The license agreement will appear upon opening the file. You’ll need to hit the Accept button. You’ll need to choose the Upgrade this PC Now option.

Downloading the Windows 10 ISO File

If you don’t want to directly upgrade your computer, you can download the ISO file in three easy steps:

  • Choose the option – create an installation media for another PC. Choose the language, edition and architecture.
  • Next, you’ll need to pick the option ISO file and where the file will be saved
  • When the file has been downloaded, you can create a disc via a DVD burner.

The great thing about Windows 10 compared to others is its interface, as it’s ideal for people with two-in-two PCs.

Should You Upgrade Your Windows 7 or Not?

Are you still operating in Windows 7 and wonder if it’s time to upgrade to Windows 10? Before you make that decision, keep in mind that there is still a plethora of support for Windows 7, which makes it a relevant piece of OS. Of course, there are some disadvantages to it, which makes the decision to stay or upgrade a difficult one.

When you buy a new laptop or desktop, chances are you won’t see Windows 7 on it. So, what are some of the disadvantages associated with having Windows 7 still on your computer?

Updates and Security Patches

When developers write and release patches and updates to bugs and malicious attacks, they do it for the most current system. With the number of people using Windows 7 becoming less and less, chances are that fewer developers will be watching for bugs or errors in the operating software and make a fix for them.

Third-Party Software Development

Windows 7 users may find that they have fewer choices in third-party software, which means if problems arise, they may not have the software solutions they need to handle the issues. Third-party software developers always want to stay current with their products – to stay relevant as long as they can.

Why Should You Consider Sticking With Windows 7?

If you’re a big fan of the Windows OS, you probably feel that Windows 7 was the best one for Microsoft to have developed. It was certainly better than Vista, which was plagued with problems and caused many people to give Microsoft up entirely.

If you’re concerned about staying current with third-party software and other technologies, Windows 7 is your best bet. It’s also a great computer for newbies and children to use.

What Are Some Things You Can Do With Windows 7?

Windows 7 allows you to download and play Flash Player games – the ones that break up the monotony of your day. They don’t cause much burden on your computer and are a good source of entertainment when you want to have a little fun.

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