The newest version of the VLC media player is a major update. The popular software for playing audio and video file formats (it includes MKV, VMW and Ogg) is free of charge and it also plays DVDs and VCDs. Another plus is that it offers support for plenty of streaming protocol.

Updates brought by the v3.0.0 version of VLC

The VLC v3.0.0 Beta update brings some bug fixes. There is no more support for Windows Vista if it does not come with the Platform Update. Some new changes include HDMI pass through to HD Audio: E-Ac3 and TrueHD, 12 bit codecs support and HDR, hardware HEVC decoding using DxVA2 and D3D11.

VLC Media Player

Released back in 2001, VLC has fatly begun to be downloaded by more and more people worldwide.  Its developer, VideoLAN is a non-profit organization and the free software resulted as a mix between VideoLAN Client and VideoLAN Server. VLC player works with Windows, Linux, macOS, Chrome, iOS, Apple Tv, Windows and Windows Phone.

Some of the best features include:

  • It plays back almost all formats: VLC has over 380 modules and many developers worked on the software to make it one of the best.
  • Download YouTube videos. For those who like to download their favorite videos, VLC can help them. To download a YouTube video using VLC, simply go to the Media menu. Then, choose the option “Open Network Stream”, paste the link or the video and click the Play button.
  • Listen to podcasts and internet radios.
  • RAR format is supported. VLC users do not have to consume their hard drive space by extracting the video.

The Android version was released in 2011 and it can be found at the Google Play Store and the iOS version has been released in 2013.

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