With the Galaxy S8 on market already, we’re pleased to tell you that the first pieces of news about Galaxy S9 are here!

Specs and features

It’s good to say that its looks might be familiar because it’s almost identical to Galaxy S8. It will come in 4 colors: blue, purple, black and gold. It will have a Super AMOLED curved display, with 5.8 inches/6.2 inches. The operating system will certainly be Android 8.0 Oreo. It was also rumored that some models will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, to be exact, those in the US and other models will have the Samsung Exynos, for those in the UK.

It will support 1.2Gbps of download speed. It was also said that it will have a fingerprint scanner and a Face ID-recognition style just like iPhone X. The thing is that we’re not actually sure if they’re going to get rid of one or stay with both. It will have a dual rear-facing camera, and maybe pack a camera sensor which will let you capture footage in a super slow motion style. It’s probable that the creators will start working on this somewhere around November. The phone will also come with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Release date

We’ve heard that they will start working on this new phone, Galaxy S9 and its brother, Galaxy S9 Plus somewhere this year. So probably these phones will hit the market next year. However, we’ve also heard that they will first appear at CES tech show next year, before its launch in March. We’re also not sure which we should base on.


There’s no rumors, let alone official statement about the price. But if we look at the S8, it will probably cost somewhere around £689.

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