Microsoft’s and Sony’ consoles have been rivals for a long time and there are dedicated fans for each. In the middle, there are those of us who still cannot decide which to choose: Microsoft’s powerful Xbox One X console or Sony’s PS4 Pro cost-conscious console?

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: specs battle

Both devices have very good specs, but taking a closer look, it appears that Xbox One X console is the winner.

The Xbox One X has eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz and 40 customized compute units at 1172MHz, while the PS4 Pro console has eight Jaguar cores clocked at 2.1GHz and 36 improved GCN compute units at 911MHz.

Microsoft’s console has 6 TeraFLOPs, while Sony’s console has only 4.2. PS4 Pro has 8GB GDDR5 and Xbox One X has 12GB GDDR5. Both consoles have a 1TB 2.5-inch hard drive. Xbox One X has 4K UHD Blu-ray, while PS4 Pro has only Blu-ray.

Xbox One X

Microsoft’s console aims at conquering crowds by using high-end technology such as 4K. The device will be released this month on the 7th. The arrival is just in time for the Christmas shopping season and for Black Friday. The price will be around 450£ and a trade-in/trade-out system will be implemented for Xbox One X.

Preorder has already opened, not only for the Project Scorpio edition. The most impressive feature is definitely the 4K and some games that can be played are: Wipeout: Omega Collection, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and more.

PS4 Pro console

The console has been released by Sony back in November 2016 and since then it has focused on improving 1080p gaming and establish the Pro brand. The price is more customer-oriented at 340 £ and with possible discounts during holiday season. The console offers owners the ability of playing games and viewing content in 4K, and it can also play YouTube and Netflix content in 4K HDR.

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