Virtual Private Networks are important when surfing the internet, because it can help us avoid all kinds of troubles such as identity theft or malware attacks. One of the best in the business is HotSpot Shield VPN, a program for all devices: Windows PC, MAC PC, Android, iOS, Windows Phone anymore.

HotSpot Shield: an efficient VPN

This virtual private network was developed by AnchorFree and released for the first time in 2005. It is user-friendly with a pleasant interface. The home screen has one button, which turn it on. A second screen will appear and show the user he or she connected through VPN. Users will also see the virtual IP used for the device.

Users can also change the region from which the device browses internet.

Complete Wi-Fi security

HotSpot Shield offers full security and users can enjoy anonymous web browsing. The network the user is connected at will not be able to retrieve details and there will be no malware or worm attacks.

The program is also good to use if the user pays online and does online banking. Protecting bank information and password is a priority. There are many spammers trying to get sensitive information, especially from smartphone users.

HotSpot Shield VPN can be tried for free during seven days and afterwards it can be purchased for 12, 99 a month. Those who want to use it for a long time can take advantage of a limited offer and purchase it for two years (119, 99$). The virtual private network is available in English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese.

It was initially used by those who wanted to bypass the Arab Spring protests in countries such as Libya, Tunis and Egypt.

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