Adobe Flash Player is not the number one choice for any user, but people who own Apple devices may dislike it even more. However, even nowadays that are still sites that use it and haven’t switched to HTML5. Since the official end for Adobe Flash Player will take place in 2020, it appears that we have to bear with it for a little longer.

Therefore, if own a Mac and you use Adobe Flash Player, the least you could do is keep it up to date. This way, you will reduce the risks and your computer might be just a little bit more secure. However, you may not know exactly how to do that. Sometimes messages appear informing you that Flash is out of date, but there are many cases when they are just a scam, and that is not the real Flash, which can lead to malware getting on your Mac. Today we will show you to tell if you really need to update Flash and how to do it.

Update your Flash version

First of all, if you do receive a notification that warns you that you need to update Flash, don’t click the download button right away, since it might be a way to deceive you. Instead here is what you should do:

  1. Hit the command key and then press the spacebar. This should open the Apple Spotlight app.
  2. Now that the app is open, type Flash Player. Then, open the System Preference for that name.
  3. You should see the Updates tab. Click on it.
  4. Now, click on the Check now button.
  5. You should be announced if Adobe Flash Player has an update that needs to be installed. Now you will know for sure.
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